We offer several AFTER SERVICE services which are imparative in keep the long term operational aspects of your signs, banners, flags and hardware – especially in an outdoor arena.
The main objective is to increase the length of service and beauty of all items, and keeping your brand ” looking great”.
Other benefits are: lower long range costs, decrease liability of accidents and decreased insurance cost.
We will on a agreed schedule do


We have a complete repair service for your signs, banners, flags and hardware on maintenance program or as required.
We offer flag and banner repair as our sewing department has 30 years of world class dedication and expertise.
We guarantee 3 days turnaround for most cloth items.
We also have laundry service on site for flags and banners.


We can store your seasonal signs, banners and flags until required as an outsource warehouse.
We operate from two buildings totaling 30,000 square feet.

Corporate Stores

We can operate a company store for distribution of your signage, banners and flags.
This is an excellent outsource system for multi-branch operations, seasonal requirements, and store openings.
We have dedicated individuals, phone lines, specific ordering and reporting systems, depending on your requirements.
It is a hassle-less system which allows you to concentrate on your business.